Top: Lin Hui, a panda in Chiang Mai Zoo, celebrates her 16th birthday Thursday with a cake made of ice and fruit.

So much happened in Thailand this past week, one would be forgiven for not catching every story. A fugitive former PM was sentenced to five years in jail, a suspected Polish ATM bomber was given up by his favorite snack wrappers and a beloved panda celebrated her 16th birthday. For those who prefer looking to reading – this one’s for you. Find more topical photos on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


Puppet Therapy

Puppeteers from the Nattaya Bangkok troupe, formerly known as Nattaya Burapha, perform Sunday at Phranakhon Rajabhat University. In October 2016, the troupe won the World Puppet Carnival in Poland.


Replica Crematoriums

A crane installs a nine-tiered umbrella atop a replica crematorium Thursday in Wat Pa Saeng Arun, Khon Kaen Province. Replica crematoriums are being built in various provinces as Rama IX’s cremation approaches in October.

Story: Provinces Rush to Finish Replica Crematoriums For Royal Funeral (Photos)


Flag Day!

The national flag raised Thursday at Government House for a ceremony celebrating the tricolor standard’s centennial.

Story: Thai Flag’s Centennial Commemorated Nationwide (Photos)


The Pole and the Three Custard Buns

Gracjan Pawel Staniszewski, a 36-year-old Polish man arrested for allegedly blowing up an ATM with a kitchen gas cannister, leads officers through a police “reenactment” of his alleged crime Thursday to the khlong in which he supposedly dumped a backpack after planting the bomb.

Story: Polish ATM Bomber Foiled by Love of Custard Buns: Police


Final Call for Grand Palace Mourners

Mourners stream into the Grand Palace Thursday where only a few days remain to pay homage to Rama IX.

Story: Update: Oct. 5 is Last Day to Pay Homage to King Bhumibol


Bangkok Boars

An animal control officer carries a sedated boar out from an enclosed gate Tuesday in Soi Chaeng Watthana 38, where a group of boars have occasionally wandered onto the nearby expressway.


Stamps of Pride

The CEO of the Thai Post presents a commemorative stamp for the centennial of the Thai flag Thursday at Bangkok General Post office.

Story: Thai Flag’s Centennial Commemorated Nationwide (Photos)


Everybody Dance Now

Fine Arts students from 12 universities rehearse a Khon performance for Rama IX’s funeral Friday at the National Theatre.


Lamyai’s Sudsy Soaps

Country singer Lamyai Hai Thongkam holds up a tin of her face soap brand, which she filed a police complaint against fakes Monday in Bangkok.

Story: Dirty-Dancing Country Singer Wants Soap Pirates to Come Clean


Phuket Beach Drama

Phuket Lifeguard Service Lifeguards conduct a jet ski demonstration Tuesday. Local government has refused to extend their contract after the company threatened to withdraw from the beaches after their contract ends Sunday.

Story: Phuket Lifeguards Say Gov’t Withdrew Contract Offer


The Drowned Rice

Noi Sila, 52, stands next to a pile of drowned rice he reaped Thursday. Heavy floods in Phichit province are forcing farmers to rush to harvest the drowned rice, which sell at a lower price.


‘Love Pu’

Supporters of former PM Yingluck ‘Pu’ Shinawatra gather Wednesday outside a Bangkok courtroom to hear the verdict in her malfeasance trial.

Story: Court Finds Yingluck Guilty, Hands Down 5-Year Sentence

Knock, Knock

Police arrive Thursday at Yingluck Shinawatra’s Bangkok home to search for evidence relating to her flight from justice.


Happy Birthday, Lin Hui!

Lin Hui, a panda in Chiang Mai Zoo, celebrates her 16th birthday Thursday with a cake made of ice and fruit.