With a Wai, Chiang Mai Cop Pulls Suicidal Teen to Safety

CHIANG MAI — Last week, it was a Chonburi cop showing compassion to a suicidal teen. Today, a police officer in the north is winning praise for pulling a young life back from the brink.

It was last night that Capt. Suriya Noiwanna of Mae Ping police talked a high school girl down from jumping off a highway bridge.

“Calm down, daughter,” Suriya said, pleading to the girl with a deep wai. “I’m a police officer. I can help you. From this moment on, I can help you.”

Suriya then offered the girl his hand. When she reached out to him, he grabbed hold of her and pulled her to safety with the help of other rescuers.


At around 8pm the girl parked her motorbike at the bridge and climbed to the edge, intending to jump to the ground. Police and rescue workers soon responded to the scene.


The girl was reportedly depressed because of her parents’ fighting and being bullied for her poor academic performance.

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