‘Mafia Elephant’ Searches Trucks for Goodies in Khao Yai (Video)

PRACHINBURI — A foraging male elephant was filmed removing belongings from the back of two pickup trucks in the Khao Yai National Park.

The footage of the pilfering pachyderm has been shared 6,500 times and watched more than 740,000 times as of noon Monday since it was first posted.

“I pray they don’t attack the car … Once he gets food he will leave,” a man can be heard commenting as the male elephant uses its trunk to search for food in the pickup truck ahead of him before approaching his vehicle.

At one point the elephant uses its trunk to fetch a plastic bottle and stuff it into its mouth before spitting it out. Then what appears to be a plastic bag filled with uncooked rice is removed from the first truck.


“Shall we go?” the man says as the elephant approaches his vehicle. A woman can be heard telling him to wait, fearing it could anger the free-roaming, wild elephant.


They also tell two children in the back of the truck to lie low to not anger the animal.

The second truck driver manages to slowly pass after the elephant rummages through their belongings.

“This is a mafia elephant,’ wrote one comment in reply to the video.