Samui Tunnel Linked to Virgin Islands Firm

KOH SAMUI — The ownership of a tunnel whose origins have stumped Samui officials for a week have been traced in part to a company registered in the Caribbean.

The 100-meter tunnel, which may have been built illegally, has become something of a puzzle on the southern island since it was discovered Friday. Officials said Wednesday that it’s located on land owned by a company registered in Bangkok, a third of which is owned by a company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The tunnel near the beach in the Mae Nam subdistrict belongs to the Baan Tai Beach Co. Ltd., whose shareholders include Thai-naturalized Westerners and a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, a popular tax shelter.

Although the tunnel was known to expat backpackers for decades, Thai authorities said they only learned of it earlier this month. They believe it was built in 2005.


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