New 4K Traffic Cameras to Bust Bangkok’s Red Light Runners

Police officers holding tickets at the Traffic Police Command Center on Aug. 30.
Police officers holding tickets at the Traffic Police Command Center on Aug. 30.

BANGKOK — Seeing no cops around doesn’t mean you can get away with running a red light, because a newly upgraded red light camera system went live Sunday.

A new traffic law enforcement system is now operational at 30 intersections across Bangkok in an effort to reduce accidents and police workloads.

The new system upgraded cameras that have been in use since 2009. The updates included high-definition 4K primary cameras and 2-megapixel secondary cameras, both of which are fitted with infrared lights for seeing in the dark.

“There are still a lot of accidents in Bangkok, especially from red light violations,” traffic police commander Police Maj. Gen. Nithitorn Jintakanon said. “Following the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy, we will use innovation and technology to increase the effectiveness of traffic law violation detection.”


Nititorn also said the cameras are capable of detecting offenders during thunderstorms and reading altered license plates.

The automatic system will only record vehicles which completely drive over a “stop” line at a red light. Drivers who run through an amber light or stop partially beyond a line are not penalized.

Once a camera has caught an offender, the system will submit photo evidence to the command center, where officers will verify vehicle details and issue a ticket to the offender’s address within seven days. Drivers will be able to access their records online using a passcode printed on the ticket.

Offenders will be fined up to 1,000 baht, but Nititorn said the fine will be reduced to 500 baht for a temporary initiation period, though he did not specify the time frame.

During a test run between Aug. 1 and 25, the system detected more than 22,260 offenders. The Ratchada-Rama IV intersection saw the most violations.

Use the interactive map to see the 30 intersections equipped with the new red light cameras:

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