Grandma ‘Over 100 Years Old’ Gets Royal Honor

SAMUT SONGKHRAM — An elderly woman who’s reputed to be over 100 years old was enrolled into His Majesty the King’s free healthcare program on Monday.

Roy Kampatee, whose age is officially registered as 111, also received a portrait of King Vajiralongkorn during a visit by palace officials to her home in Samut Songkhram province. The visit was part of a royal initiative to assist those who live in the province’s fishing community.

The palace delegation was headed by Privy Councilor Charunthada Karnasuta. Roy, who has five children, said she was touched by the monarch’s kindness. Under the program, she will receive healthcare benefits free of charge.

The delegates also met with representatives from the provincial government for discussion on welfare improvement and job creation for local communities.



Although official records date Roy’s birth to 1908 – the same year as US President Lyndon B. Johnson’s birth – such archives are often unreliable due to spotty record-keeping methods in the past.

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