BANGKOK — Some farangs like to insist “Thais don’t celebrate Halloween,” but reports from around the country appear to contradict that claim.

As in previous years, revelers, partygoers, cosplayers, and even blood donation staff around Thailand went all-out for 2019’s Halloween, or “Day of Unleashing the Ghosts (wan ploi phi)” as many Thais call it.

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Foreigners and Thais alike had a wild night on Khaosan Road in Bangkok on Oct. 31, 2019.
Red Cross staff in Halloween costumes in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Oct. 31, 2019.
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A Halloween cosplayer in Chiang Mai province on Oct. 31, 2019.
A Halloween event at a school in Khon Kaen province on Oct. 31, 2019.
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Security officers raid a bar in Chumphon province on Oct. 31, 2019, for allegedly selling alcohol to minors, and arrest a number of people. We did warn you this might happen.

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Schoolchildren don Thai and foreign ghost costumes in Nan province on Oct. 31, 2019.
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Several locals in Prachinburi province swear they saw krasue ghosts hanging around in this area earlier this week. An attempt by a crowd of 100 people to locate the krasue on Oct. 31, 2019, failed.

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