Locals Are Outraged After the Army Sent a Monk To Teach in a Muslim School

Areas on Thailand’s southern borders came under heavy criticism after the peacekeeping army’s special unit brought a monk to a Muslim center, the Tadega Mosque, last weekend to teach nationalist themes about the development and origin of the Thai national flag.

The center aims to teach the ethics of Muslims and is located on the grounds of the mosque at Duku House, Moo.3, Ba-jor sub-district, Ba-jor district, Narathiwat province. The center is open at weekends as students go to regular school during the week.


Prof. Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Pattani University said it is the nature of man, irrespective of age, not to eat what is forced on him because it is not what he wants to eat unless he is hungry. People should start thinking that such behavior by the army indicates that it is trying to devour both the nation and the religion.


“The more force, the more discomfort.” The more uncomfortable they are, the more likely they are to break. Children have brains and faith. When you initiate policies, you have to be creative and respect others; otherwise, no one will respect you. “If you keep using these methods, you will only worsen and create more hatred,” said Prof. Jehabdulloh.


Prof. Jehabdulloh went on to say that Thailand’s southern borders have their own beauty in their multicultural society, which should not be infringed upon or disturbed in the name of harmonisation. In Tadega School, there are only children and no enemies of the army. The country will achieve peace if the soldiers continue to do their best.

Meanwhile, the Duku Youth Association issued a statement calling on officials to reconsider their inappropriate behavior towards Tadega. They announced the following demands:

The responsible body must rethink the problematic policy and urgently show responsibility in public.

Stop interfering and overlapping the weekend time when the local community tries to teach the children the Muslim principles or rules.



May all people, especially the youth, use all social media to express their opposition to the movement that may violate human rights and the right to assembly.

May all people, especially the youth, use all social media to express their views. They pointed out that the movement may violate human rights and the right to assembly.

Lieutenant General Santi Sakuntanark, the commander of the 4th Army Region, said this was a multicultural society, and he did not see any problems. He suggested that people should stop saying that it was not appropriate.