The Public Praises “Hero Rider,” Who Saves a Child on the Road

Social media praised a delivery driver named “Hero Rider,” who was filmed parking his motorcycle and rushing to the aid of a 4-year-old who suddenly crossed the road.

Police Chief Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas also praised Pirapong Chumpolwadee, 31, on Tuesday for abandoning his motorcycle and rush to save a toddler from being hit by a car in time. Pirapong was honoured under the programme “do good get awarded” insisted by the police force.


The incident occurred on Sawai Pracharat Rd. in Lam Luk Ka Klong 4 district, opposite Yamsaard School in Pathum Thani province, on March 6. The surveillance camera of a housing estate recorded the whole scene.


Local media reported that the person at the scene was Peerapong  who was on a delivery job. He parked in front of a housing estate and then heard a security guard shout in fright that a child was crossing the road. He turned to see the child, abandoned the motorbike and ran to bring the child to the road island. Fortunately, the car stopped in time.


The child ran with joy to the guard who was across the street to buy something and was about to go back. The child and the watchman know each other because the child is the son of the lawnmower of the housing complex.


Peerapong said that his motorbike was fine, but the two cups of coffee he was supposed to deliver to the customer were damaged. When he explained the situation to the shopkeeper, he made up the two cups of coffee free of charge.

Peerapong Chumpolvadee, the Hero Rider and the boy’s aunt

“I am glad that the child is safe. I am proud and impressed that social media has praised me. I read every comment all night. Thank you so much. But when my girlfriend heard the story, she cried all night because she was afraid the car would not stop in time and run over me and the child,” Peerapong said.

Wandee, 41, a Cambodian worker who was the child’s aunt, said she was at work when she heard security shouting that her grandchild was running past her. She was so shocked that she rushed to the road and saw that the rider was already holding her grandchild. Everything happened so fast, she added, thanking the rider.