Anti-Prayut Protester Filed a Complaint Against Officers

Anti-Prayut protester Wantana O-Thong, 62, filed a complaint on Tuesday March 14 with the Central Investigation Bureau in Bangkok against security officers of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha for physical assault and holding her against her will. She displayed her swollen wrists, ankles and wounds to reporters.

Wantana said she was dragged away, pressed hard on her wrists, had her mouth and nose covered to the point where she had breathing difficulties.


The move came after she was charged late on Monday with assaulting and preventing officers from carrying out its duty, including biting a finger of one officer, making loud noise in public and not remaining in a designated area by Ban Pong police in Ratchaburi province.


The crime of assaulting and obstructing officers from carrying out its duty is subject to a maximum imprisonment term of one year and/or fine of no more than 10,000 baht. Wantana’s move came after she was granted bail.


She said she was dragged away by five to six officers after she told then, “don’t come close or I’ll remove my clothes” because she didn’t know what’s their intention.
Wantana also denied trying to block PM Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha’s motorcade, saying the incident occurred well before the motorcade arrived.



One official can be seen trying to cover her mouth, while another using umbrella to block news cameras. Wantana was a former MO candidate for Pheu Chart Party and added she has tried to petition the PM at the Government House several times in the past about the economic impacts on the livelihood of the locals, herself including.

“I would like to exercise my rights to choose a PM who truly solve the livelihood problems of the people and truly listen to people’s problems and not just imagining things like Prayut,” Wantana said.