Fury Road: Bad Driving Leads to Angry Taxi Confrontation

The Vios and its two passengers harass Oun Chatchai’s taxi in a clip held up by the internet as poor sportsmanship.

BANGKOK — A driver who couldn’t stomach being honked at gave angry pursuit to a taxi driver in southern Bangkok, all of which has gone viral in a video clip of the incident as of Tuesday.

Footage of the altercation spread online after it was posted by the taxi driver, Facebook user, Oun Chatchai, and picked up by popular page YouLike Tuesday morning. In the two and a half minute clip, a very angry couple berates the driver after he honked at them.

“Look at these two. They cut in front of me and didn’t put their lights on, then came looking for trouble,” Oun can be heard saying.

In the clip he posted late Monday night, the Vios can be seen on the shoulder of an on-ramp at Rama III Road, trying to merge into the lane without using the turn signal. As he passes, Oun gives a honk of warning.


That’s when the Vios gave pursuit.

“Don’t you have any kindness?” the male driver shouts as he pulls alongside Oun. The man exits the car and continues to yell about the taxi driver’s lack of kindness, as a female passenger steps out to take a photo of Oun’s license plate.


The video struck a nerve with netizens.

“Didn’t turn on the turn signal, driving over lanes and swerving onto a bridge. Before asking if others have kindness, ask yourself if you have manners!” wrote user Tinnaporn Ann Yimtong in one of many comments criticizing the angry Vios occupants. The clip has been liked more than 13,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times.