Tourists Hurt in Floating Market Accident (Video)

SAMUT PRAKAN — More than 20 tourists fell into waist-deep water at a floating market  Sunday when a wooden walkway collapsed.

Officials were scheduled Monday afternoon to inspect the damage and determined the cause of the accident at the century-old floating market in the Bang Phli district. No one was seriously hurt, and the venue remains open to the public.

“After the incident yesterday, we put a large wooden plank over the spot so people could walk,” said Sriprapha Ranrorn, a local tourism official.

The 10-meter walkway collapsed Sunday afternoon while the market was packed with shoppers. More than 20 people fell into the meter-deep water, and one woman was sent to hospital with bruises, but no one was seriously injured, Sriprapha said.



Established around 150 years ago by Chinese merchants, The Old Bang Phli Market is one of several popular floating markets frequented by both Thais and foreigners.