Man Totals Friend’s 40M Baht Lamborghini in Lat Phrao

BANGKOK  — A man driving his friend’s 40 million baht Lamborghini lost control and totaled it in an early morning accident Monday in the Lat Phrao district. Four people were injured.

Sathirawat Kumpiranon, 32, was driving the black Lamborghini Mucielago when he lost control and collided with the motorcycle at about 3am on Pradit Manu Tham Road. He was unhurt, but his two passengers, along with the two 17 year olds on the motorcycle, were injured and had to be taken to Phyathai Nawamin Hospital.

Police said Sathirawat passed a sobriety test. The Lamborghini belonged to his friend, 38-year-old Orajosira Kemklud. According to Sathirawat, he was taking some friends home in Orajosira’s Lamborghini after a night out at Monte Carlo when he lost control of the car on an uphill portion of the road. He crashed into the motorbike, swerved onto the sidewalk and hit a palm tree.

There was extensive damage to the left side and front end of the car. Its two left came off entirely and rolled away.


Police have charged Sathirawat with reckless driving causing injury to others and destruction of private property.  Police collected the palm tree, snapped in half, as evidence.

Orajosira is a real estate billionaire who collects expensive cars. The were only 350 of that model Lamborghini produced.