Machetes, Knives and Sticks Taken Up in Bangkok Street Fracas (Video)

SAMUT PRAKAN — Police are looking for a group of knife-wielding men who brawled in a road in southern metro Bangkok Friday evening.

Witnesses said two groups of what looked to be teens numbering about 20 ran into each other on Nakhon Kuan Kan Road in Phra Pradaeng district at around 6pm and threw down a melee using knives, sticks and other improvised weapons, including at least one broom.

Gunshots were also heard as onlookers scurried for cover.

By the time police and soldiers arrived at the scene the brawlers were already gone.



Officers at Phra Pradaeng Police Station said they’re studying security cameras in the area to identify the perpetrators, who are suspected of being rival gang members from local polytechnic colleges.

Street gang fights between warring college students is common in the metropolitan area. In a June 8 incident, two students were left injured by a similar clash in front of the Future Park Rangsit shopping mall north of Bangkok.