Bangkok Bus Runs Over, Kills Passenger

A bus No.44 at the scene of a Monday incident in which a 77-year-old woman was killed on Lat Phrao road, Bangkok. Photo: Ruamkatanyu Foundation

BANGKOK — Police on Tuesday were looking for the driver of a bus that ran over and killed an elderly female passenger last night in the capital.


The victim, who was struck by a No. 44 bus at about 7:30pm on Lat Phrao road in Wang Thonglang district, died at the scene following the incident. Police said they charged 22-year-old driver Jatupol Imsook, who quickly fled, with fatal reckless driving.

Prajan Prompak, the bus conductor, said the 77-year-old victim was getting off the bus at Soi Lat Phrao 66 when she lost her balance, fell from the sidewalk and under the bus that was pulling out at the same moment. She sustained a fatal head injury.

The bus is privately owned and operated by Raavechoek Company.