Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing of Lover’s Genitals

Sathian Kumchamorin points Sunday to police where he confessed to stabbing Picharat Klibram.
Sathian Kumchamorin points Sunday to police where he confessed to stabbing Picharat Klibram.

BURIRAM — A man accused of stabbing his lover to death was charged Monday with premeditated murder.

Sathian Kumchamorin was charged with killing Picharat Klibram, 46, Sunday in broad daylight in Buriram province. The aggressor, who used to have an affair with the victim, said he stabbed her in multiple parts of the body – including her genitals – because he thought she cast a black magic spell on him that destroyed his masseur skills.

“I couldn’t get myself healed anywhere. So I decided to kill her to take out her black magic,” Sathian told police.

Authorities said Sathian, 53, also confessed to killing the woman out of jealousy. The pair had maintained a five-month affair before she tried to distance herself from him, Sathian said. Sathian then prepared a knife and stabbed her repeatedly “out of spite.”


The incident took place in full view of her physically disabled husband and neighbors.

Sathian, a masseur by trade, was also charged with illegally carrying a weapon.

Sathian said he met the couple when he went to massage Picharat’s husband, adding that his masseur skills declined and he couldn’t heal anyone after starting to see Picharat. He attributed his loss of skill to Picharat casting a black magic spell over him.

“After stabbing her in the windpipe, arm, back and vagina, he didn’t run away,” Police Capt. Chalermpol Kaewnet said. “He was just walking around and didn’t resist arrest.”

Sathian threw the knife into a nearby stream before walking around in a nearby mall, where police arrested him.

Violent crimes by jealous men against women are almost a daily occurrence in Thailand.


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