Passengers trapped inside a skytrain carriage Thursday evening

BANGKOKA system failure left hundreds of skytrain passengers stranded on platforms and in carriages for an hour.

The trains broke down at about 6:24pm, according to a statement tweeted by BTS management. It said there would be “10 minutes delay” for train rides. However, the system wasn’t back on track until over an hour later at 7:39pm.

The system’s operator did not give any reason for the breakdown.

Many passengers were stuck in crowded trains without air conditioning, while others were packed onto platforms during the evening rush hour. Train commuters were only informed there was “an inconvenience.”


It’s second time the skytrain – a vital mode of transport in the traffic-choked Bangkok – to break down this week, following a similar delay Tuesday morning.

Frustrated commuters took to Twitter to vent their outrage at what seem increasingly common breakdowns.

“I have a dinner date with a guy, but you made my date late. How will you take responsibility? I have less time to spend with him, will you take responsibility?” @Debracken tweeted to the official BTS account.

“U want to know why BTS malfunctions nearly everyday, and how will they improve or fix it? Even though the fare is high, why is quality for passengers so low?” @TawLovesJesus wrote.


Some also criticized the operators leaving foreign tourists in the dark.

“There should be announcement in English. Have some consideration for tourists. They were confused, had to ask people around them what happened,” @Chinesejai tweeted.