Prayuth Drops Valentine’s Single ‘Diamond Heart’

BANGKOK — Not to be confused with the Lady Gaga single of the same name, a song written by junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha went viral Wednesday to the derision of netizens.

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, full-time head of government and part-time songwriter, released the potentially inspirational tune “Diamond Heart” a few days ahead of Valentine’s Day, meeting general displeasure by the internet despite sentimental lyricism promising to overcome obstacles with a woman who, ostensibly, is the nation.

The comments have been unsparing.

“How untrendy. He should’ve written ‘Diamond Rings and My Friend’s Watches,’” tweeted @Thetuk12, referring to the scandal involving Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan’s possession of dozens of undeclared luxury watches he claims belonged to a deceased friend.

Though the single was dropped Friday, it was largely unknown until Wednesday. By the morning, the YouTube video had gathered more than 500 likes – and more than 12,000 dislikes.

Similar to his previous songs such as “Returning Happiness to the People,” “Because You’re Thailand,” “Hope and Faith,” and “Bridge,” “Diamond Heart” encourages Thais to unite as a nation.

“Why don’t you go release an album and resign your post. I don’t want a leader who writes songs to make himself feel better,” tweeted @LifeDriven3. “You can have the heart of a goat or a diamond heart, just get out.”

Junta fans, however, praised the song. “So amazing. Such good content. Let’s encourage each other for the happiness of all Thais,” wrote Facebooker Maewmeaw Narakmaak. “No matter if the next prime minister is an outsider or not, it should be Uncle Tuu. I’ll always encourage him,” wrote Maj Sunsun.

Other tweets mocked the song’s meaning of a having a brave, or diamond heart.

“Awwww, did you say you have a diamond heart, or a minnow’s heart?” tweeted @shutup2557, attaching photos of the Democracy Monument fenced off during Saturday’s protest in support of the MBK39 activists.

“The feel when I go on YouTube to see how many unlikes are on Prayuth’s Diamond Heart,” tweeted @Veronica_Lris.

Here’s an unofficial translation of “Diamond Heart.”

“Diamond Heart”

Lyrics by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha
Tune and Arrangement by Wichian Tantipimolapan
Vocal Arrangement by Maj. Thanyawapisit Jirakittipasukul
Sung by Sgt. Maj. 1st Class Pongsathorn Porjit
Creative direction by Maj. Gen. Kissada Sarika

(Verse 1) How many years have we gone through together?
There are always new problems,
You are the inspiration that makes me fight for you,
Did you know your smile is my happiness?

(Bridge) No matter how tired or difficult, let’s hold hands and go forward together,
Stable, ready, unrelenting faith.
(Chorus) Make your heart a real diamond, unrelenting,
Side by side today together, obstacles mean nothing,
The lessons we learn are new everyday,
We have to build our hearts’ dream together so it’s resilient.

(Verse 2) The more the sky roars, the more our hearts move forward,
Good hearts never relent,
The strong who fall into waters or fires aren’t troubled,
We’ll avoid them as long as we have goodness.

(Repeat Bridge, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus x2)

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