Baby Elephant Rescued After Falling Into Septic Tank

SURIN — A baby elephant is in recovery Monday after falling into a septic tank.

Chabaakaew, a 2-to-3-month old calf, fell into a septic tank in Bueng Kan on April 4. She was rescued by rubber farmers a day later, with wounds to her head, back, rear end and belly. Today, she’s recovering at the Elephant Kingdom Project care center in Surin.

“We gave her a checkup and medicine and are watching her condition closely…she is around 80 percent recovered now,” said Pasakorn Orasoon, manager of the Elephant Kingdom Project.

After rescuing Chabaakaew, farmers waited around for her mother. But no one arrived. With her condition deteriorating in the Bueng Kan heat and flies buzzing around her wounds, wildlife officials decided to send her to the elephant care center.



Chabaakaew is 88cm tall, 1 meter wide and weighs 76 kilograms.

Pasakorn said that Chabaakaew is adjusting well to living with humans and other elephants. “She’s not lonely. She likes to play with people and the other elephants. She’s cheerful and has friends.”

Pang Phloy, a female elephant in the same center, has become Chabaakaew’s nursemaid, nourishing the young pachyderm with her milk.