Hiso Apologizes for Hitting Half-Black Actor With a Bottle

PATTAYA — Police are investigating Monday reports that a half-black Thai celebrity who was hit in the face with a bottle at a nightclub in Pattaya by a socialite.  

Rusameekae Fagerlund was assaulted by Jirat “Hiso Champ” Petnunthawong at the venue late Wednesday night, for which Rusameekae filed complaint on Saturday to Pattaya City Police, according to an officer. 

“Khun Rusameekae and his lawyer came to give additional testimony to us,” Col. Khemarin Pisamai of Pattaya police said Monday. “We’re continuing to investigate and gathering more witnesses as he pursues the case.” 

Paisit Chakranont, Rusameekae’s lawyer, said to Khaosod on Saturday at the police station that Rusameekae intended to pursue legal action against Jirat. Rusameekae declined to comment, but said he would speak on the matter publicly again on Wednesday. 


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Jirat posted an apology on Instagram Sunday: “Let me tell my side of the story. I must apologize to Khun Rusameekae for what happened. I did it out of haste and misunderstanding. I would like to take sole responsibility and blame.” 

Media reports said Jirat attacked Rusameekae in a fit of jealousy after he saw Rusameekae talking to his celeb girlfriend, Raknapak “Namwan” Wongtanatat. Rusameekae is openly gay. 


Jirat is nicknamed “Hiso Champ” by the press and showbiz for his high-flying lifestyle and constant coverage in the press of his romantic involvement with celebrities. 

He is the son of Chiang Mai hotel chain owner Worachat Petnunthawong, while his mother Umpaipan Pankongcheun runs a company selling aviation equipment. Jirat had owned the now-closed Fabrique & Bar Rouge bar in Chiang Mai.

“I’m just an ordinary guy who loves in [sic] aviation, yachts, music & private islands .. definitely a workaholic,” reads his Instagram bio. 

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