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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Why TikTok’s Security Risks Keep Raising Fears

TikTok is once again fending off claims that its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, would share user data from its popular video-sharing app with the...

North Korea Says ICBM Test Aimed To Strike Fear Into Enemies

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Friday it fired an intercontinental ballistic missile to "strike fear into the enemies" as South Korea...

US Releases Video of Russian Jet Dumping Fuel on Its Drone

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The Pentagon on Thursday released footage of what it said was a Russian aircraft pouring fuel on a U.S. Air...

Credit Suisse To Borrow $54 Billion From Swiss Central Bank

GENEVA (AP) — Swiss bank Credit Suisse said Thursday it will move to shore up its finances, borrowing up to $54 billion from the...

NASA Webb Telescope Captures Star on Cusp of Death

The Webb Space Telescope has captured the rare and fleeting phase of a star on the cusp of death. NASA released the picture Tuesday at...

US Says Russian Warplane Hits American Drone Over Black Sea

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A Russian fighter jet struck the propeller of a U.S. surveillance drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday in a...

How This Little See-through Fish Gets Its Rainbow Shimmer

NEW YORK (AP) — You can see right through this little aquarium fish from Thailand: Its skin is almost completely transparent. But when the...

Facebook Parent Meta Slashes Another 10,000 Jobs

Facebook parent Meta is slashing another 10,000 jobs and will not fill 5,000 open positions as the social media pioneer cuts costs. The company announced...

After Two Historic US Bank Failures, Here’s What Comes Next

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two large banks that cater to the tech industry have collapsed after a bank run, government agencies are taking emergency measures...

Asian Shares Extend Losses as US Banking Worries Persist

TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares declined Tuesday, as investors around the world continued to be rocked by worries about what's next to break, following the second-...


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