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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Opinion: Thai Govt and Public Need to Handle Coronavirus Better

The ongoing spread of coronavirus is a test to not just the Thai government’s abilities and competence, but the mentality of some Thai people as well.

Opinion: Thanks to Faltering Economy and Years of Repression, the Youth is Now Awake

Call it the last straw, the turning point, or the butterfly effect – a new generation of young Thais are now awakened.
In this Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, file photo, Thai army chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong reviews the guard of honor during the Royal Thai Armed Forces Day ceremony at a military base in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Sakchai Lalit / Associated Press

Opinion: Trust Thai Army’s “Reform” at Your Own Peril

When someone wants an organization to be treated as sacred, it’s often because they want it to be above criticism, accepting neither scrutiny nor accountability.

Opinion: 8 Tips for A Saner Digital Diet in These Viral Times

BANGKOK - A virus riding on another virus. That is how the ‘infodemic’ is raging in online spaces around the outbreak of the novel coronavirus called COVID-19, which has been on just about everyone’s radar since late January 2020.

Opinion: ‘Coup-Prevention Panel’ a Drop in a Very Dry Bucket

The Future Forward Party announced a plan to set up a panel exploring measures to prevent future putsch in Thailand. It was both a welcoming first step, and long overdue.

Opinion: Coronavirus is a New Risk of Global Trade

In light of the new coronavirus, we need to discover and systematically assess the weaknesses of globalization and highlight the consequences of dependence.

Opinion: Thai-Chinese Ties Shine in Battles Against Coronavirus

As a friendly neighbor and a partner of comprehensive strategic cooperation, Thailand has given strong support and sincere assistance to China.

Opinion: How Coronavirus Lays Bare Gov’t Inefficiency, China-Bashing

While Thai health professionals have won worldwide praise for their success in treating coronavirus patients, our politicians may need a serious lesson in managing national crisis.

Editorial: Coronavirus is No Excuse for Xenophobia

Mistreatment of Chinese people is being openly advocated under the guise of the coronavirus. We should all learn from history that exploiting public panic for racial discrimination is a dangerous path.

Opinion: Why Did Statues of a Former PM Have to Go?

Although I am not a fan of former Prime Minister and autocrat Field Marshal Pibulsongkram, the removal of two bronze statues of him is something all Thais should be worried about.





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