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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Opinion: Israel’s Urgent Plans for Saving Planet Earth Through Innovation

Even those of us not particularly cognizant of the climate crisis could not help but be alarmed by what has been happening around us lately.

Understanding the Various Thai Protest Groups

The monarchy-reform and anti-government protests have come to a point over the past weeks where groups diverged and took a different path in an attempt to achieve their goals.

Sinovac: The ‘Slandered Vaccine’ for Thailand

China-made Sinovac vaccine is no doubt the most politicized and controversial vaccine in Thailand. And its controversy went up a few more notches after the Chinese Embassy issued a statement defending the vaccine against criticisms by some Thais last Saturday.

Stripping Suchart of National Artist Award Gives Him Unexpected Boost

Last month’s decision by the Culture Ministry to strip national artist Suchart Sawasdsri from the title for "dishonorable" behaviour by supporting the anti-government and monarchy-reform movement sent a shockwave through the Thai intellectual community and beyond.

A Rotten Cop Reminds Us Police Reform Urgently Needed

You need to be very optimistic to still maintain hope on the Thai police force, particularly after having seen the torture to death of a drug suspect captured on video followed by a dramatic press conference of the killer-cop after he turned himself in.

Opinion: Reimagining A More Resilient UN System With Taiwan In It

By Jaushieh Joseph Wu Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) After more than 200 million infections and over 4 million deaths and counting, the...

On Thailand’s Angry Young Protesters

On Wednesday evening, anti-government’s Thalu Fah group reached out not to the government but to angry young protesters at another site in Bangkok not to resort to violence.

The Paranoid State’s Top-secret List of Enemies

Monday’s leaked top-secret Watchlist of 183 enemies of the Thai state is a reminder that the regime is more dictatorial and paranoid than one might think.

What We Can Expect With the Return of Political Protests

All protesters want Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign for the COVID-19 management meltdown. But some also want to pursue their year-long goal of monarchy reform if not more.

Fake News, Real News, Fake Deaths – and a Panicky Thai Gov’t

If you cannot control COVID-19 outbreak, then try controlling people’s perception about the outbreak instead. This is what the government of Gen Prayut Chan-ocha is desperately trying to do.



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