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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Opinion: Planning to Leave The Matrix in 2022?

Another year, 2021, is drawing to a close. It’s time to take stock on how we led our life – at least for me. It's been a very difficult year for most of us due to COVID-19 and It's hard to find someone who doesn't know someone who lost a person due to the virus. But this article is not about that.

Opinion: When the Past is Running Against Toon Bodyslam

When famous rocker turned philanthropic runner Artiwara “Toon Bodyslam” Kongmalai recently announced another charity run, he was faced with a different political environment. Instead of a unison and warm receptions, a hero’s welcome for Toon’s return after four-years absence from a very successful run to raise donations to buy hospital equipment, his latest bid to raise 28 million baht to fund 109 school children raised more questions.

Opinion: Bangkok Gov. Elections Poisoned by Toxic Politics

There is no escaping toxic politics in Thailand. The much-anticipated Bangkok gubernatorial elections is no exception.

Opinion: Thailand’s Short Shelf Life Constitutions

December 10 is the Thai Constitution Day but there’s little celebrations in a country that saw 19 constitutions come and go and the current 20th grapple with an attempt to be rewritten.

Opinion: The Case For and Against Boycotting ‘Sitala’

To boycott or not to boycott singer and pro-coup rally participant Sitala Wongkrachang is the topic of passionate debates this week. It came after Thai netizens discovered that the daughter of a famous pro-coup film star is about to debut in Korea in January as a member of a K-Pop band.

Time to Unite for LGBT Rights in Thailand

A foreign correspondent asked me earlier this week why it’s taking so long to achieve same sex marriage in Thailand and why we are not yet there.

Can We Learn to Agree to Disagree?

Another young Thai made a stride at making the world known about the anachronistic and controversial lese majeste law this week.

Ramifications of Constitutional Court’s Ruling on Monarchy Reformists

If there’s any court ruling that would have ramifications far beyond those directly involved, it’s the one made by the Constitutional Court on Wednesday

When Thailand Debates the Lese Majeste Law

The past week saw an unprecedented flurry of reactions both in support and opposition to amending the controversial lese majeste law.

Shattering the Notion of a Beauty Queen and Beyond

The selection of Anchilee Scott-Kemmis as Miss Universe Thailand 2021 on Sunday propelled the issue of what constitutes ideal beauty into the forefront of debate.



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