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Monday, November 23, 2020

Opinion: Good Luck Trying to Convince Thai Conspiracy Theorists Otherwise

The American Embassy in Bangkok may have insisted on Wednesday that the Central Intelligence Agency was not aiding any protest leaders to seek political asylum in the U.S. but it won’t probably convince the believers in conspiracy theories.

Opinion: Indian Embassy Responds to Op-Ed on Kashmir

The Indian Embassy in Bangkok sent the following letter to Khaosod English to explain its viewpoints on the issues of Kashmir.

Opinion: Kashmir Deserves the Rights to Decide Its Own Fate

For its eternal beauty and serenity, Kashmir has for ages been called a paradise. Unfortunately, this heaven on earth is now one of the world’s most oppressed and brutalized places.

Editorial: Prayut Has Lost All Legitimacy. He Must Go.

Many Thais gave a free pass to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a former junta leader who first came to power in 2014, when he enacted the Emergency Decree in March with a stated purpose of combating the coronavirus outbreak at the time.

Opinion: Slowly, Thais Are Waking up From 1976 Massacre Amnesia

BANGKOK — The location of the Oct 6, 1976 massacre reflects how unsettling the history of that incident remains in Thailand.

Opinion: Why Many Thais Can’t Agree to Disagree About Ideologies

When it comes to politics, Thai people can’t seem to agree to disagree and respect each other’s political ideologies.

Opinion: PRC Celebrates Its 71st Birthday and Longlasting Friendship With Thailand

Weathered rain and sunshine, and great changes have taken place.

Opinion: History Comes Alive as Thais Use the Past as Political Weapon

The introduction of a brass plaque symbolising a democracy movement last Sunday was a clear attempt by protest leaders to legitimize themselves by appropriating history.

Opinion: Thai Society Faces Challenges Beyond Cycles of Protests

The major anti-government protests today and Sunday will not only be about demands – but numbers, legitimacy, and how to coexist with those who disagree with you.

Opinion: Celebrating a New, Exciting Chapter of Thai-Kosovo Friendship

This month a year ago, the Republic of Kosovo opened its first regional Embassy in South East Asia, in Bangkok. We are establishing since excellent relationships with the Kingdom of Thailand and are thankful for a warm-hearted welcome.





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