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Opinion: TM30 Alienating Law-Abiding Aliens

BANGKOK — Imagine yourself an expat in a country dubbing itself as amazing but every time you travel from one province to another for longer than 24 hours you must report to police within 48 hours of arrival in the new place because you are an alien.

The Price of a Woman, Thailand Edition

“All women are whores, except my mother … but then again, she is a woman too,” goes an apocryphal quote alternately attributed to Napoleon...
In this undated image, two women approach a passerby in Bangkok's Soi Cowboy. Image: Bangkok 112 / YouTube

Legalizing Thailand’s Sex Industry Unfathomable

Last month’s recommendations by a UN body promoting gender equality to Thailand to stop prosecutions of female sex workers and violent raids of entertainment venues have got me thinking further about the issue.
Original images: My Mate Nate / YouTube, Matt Dodd / Flickr, Christy Gibson / Instagram, Em Brain Dead Tattoo / Facebook

When Farangs Go Native

What may start as an endearing and commendable effort – learning some language, meeting some social expectations – can become annoying to the very natives whose approval is sought. Behind one’s back, the whispers begin: You’ve gone native.

Opinion: 2 Parallel Thailands are Headed For a Collision

Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha told the country not to perceive anti-government protesters as enemies, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, a prominent student activist was arrested for sedition and nine other charges.

Opinion: Unmistakable Message to Thailand Surfaces in Mekong

Now that police have confirmed through DNA the identities of at least two Thais murdered and mutilated horrendously, I wonder what ...

Opinion: The Double Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

Emboldened by new police protocols mandating more humane treatment of sex workers during arrests, activists on Thursday announced their next goal – decriminalizing sex work.

Editorial: Prayut Has Lost All Legitimacy. He Must Go.

Many Thais gave a free pass to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a former junta leader who first came to power in 2014, when he enacted the Emergency Decree in March with a stated purpose of combating the coronavirus outbreak at the time.

Net Censorship Undermines Opportunities of ‘Thailand 4.0’

ith the threat of a single gateway still looming over the heads of netizens, the recent dust-up over limiting access to Facebook content deemed inappropriate by the government, a future internet chock-full of stringent government controls still seems an inevitable reality.

Opinion: The Irony of a Facebook Group Critical of the Monarchy

That the Thai government’s initiative to pressure Facebook to geo-block a Facebook group critical of the monarchy in Thailand has backfired big time is for all to see.


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