Baby Girl Rescued After Falling Down a 15-Meter Deep Well

TAK — A baby girl was rescued on Tuesday morning after she fell down a 15-meter well near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Rescuers spent nearly 18 hours digging through the night to reach the 1-year-old child who fell into the 30-centimeter-wide well in Phop Phra district on Monday afternoon. The girl, a daughter of migrant workers from Myanmar, appeared to be in good health when she was taken to the surface. She was immediately taken to hospital for a medical examination.



The girl’s mother said she and her husband were harvesting cassava when she found out that her daughter went missing. She and her colleagues then searched the area without success, not until she suspected her daughter might have fallen into a nearby well. She called her daughter’s name into the hole and heard a baby crying.


More than 100 people were involved in the rescue mission. Three excavators carefully dug through the surface overnight, while an oxygen tube was lowered into the hole so the girl could breathe. Rescuers dug the rest of the way by hand and freed the child.


As the girl was brought to the surface, a crowd of onlookers cheered in relief, while her parents cried with happiness and thanked the rescuers.


“I have only one child and this incident has brought a shock to my family,” the girl’s father said. “I’d like to thank every Thai for helping my daughter. I promise I will take good care of my daughter.”