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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Opinion: Student Protest Leaders Lack a Coherent Strategy

For a majority of Thai and international observers, the recent development with the student protests in Thailand is a fascinating and refreshing phenomenon. Political protests since the 2014 military coup had been tragic, as they could only attract tens if not dozen demonstrators.

Opinion: Thailand’s Slippery Road of Political Hatred

Just as worrying as the recent and second attack on anti-junta activist Sirawith "Ja New" Seritiwat is the gratification that has been expressed by some junta supporters.

The Death of Yuwadee and Rise of Sing-Along Journalism

The death of Thailand’s longest-serving government reporter was a loss to Thai journalism and a reminder of the challenges ahead.

Hospital Explosion Exposes Depth of Distrust

Less than 48 hours after Monday’s bomb at a military-owned hospital in Bangkok which left 25 injured, it was far from clear who had...

Opinion: The Truth About ‘China Debt Trap’

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) was held in Beijing from April 25 to 27.

The Making of a Cult of Personality

Public mourning has become a competitive sport for some who, intentionally or not, have made it more difficult to impress.

Opinion: Can the Coronavirus Bring Innovation to Classrooms?

By Georgetown University professor Michael R. Czinkota, and student Michael L. Czinkota The Coronavirus is the firing pin...

The Efficacy of Demanding Justice by Committing Suicide

What measure of disappointment and desperation would make a man jump to his death in a bid to call for justice? That’s what happened Monday...

Putting the Populist Revolt in Its Place

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — In many Western democracies, this is a year of revolt against elites. The success of the Brexit campaign in Britain, Donald Trump’s unexpected capture of the Republican Party in the United States, and populist parties’ success in Germany and elsewhere strike many as heralding the end of an era. As Financial Times columnist Philip Stephens put it, “the present global order – the liberal rules-based system established in 1945 and expanded after the end of the Cold War – is under unprecedented strain. Globalization is in retreat.”

Editorial 12 July 2013: Fraud By Paper

As the Division of Special Investigation DSI launched their investigation on Luang Pu Nen Kham, the controversial, wealthy monk believed to be involved in...



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