Anuphap Jaipanya in a police reenactment Sept. 24, 2020 of the murder of his daughter.

CHIANG MAI — Police said Thursday that a man was charged with murder after confessing to killing his 7-day-old daughter because he wanted a son. 

Police Lt. Col. Chakri Wongkum of Chang Puek police said Anuphap Jaipanya, 45, poisoned his infant daughter on Wednesday. 

“His mother was the one who came to the police because her daughter went missing. Then later the man confessed to the mother,” Chakri said by phone. “He is of the Lisu tribe, and they really want sons.” 


Police say Anuphap drove the infant away from his home and force fed the baby bathroom cleaner at a noodle shop until she died, and then buried her in a Chinese cemetery in Doi Saket District.


Anuphap was disappointed that he had three daughters, and wanted a son to carry on the family name, according to the police, adding that he had planned to kill her since she was born.

The suspect was charged with premeditated murder, punishable by life in prison or execution, and hiding a corpse, punishable by one year and a 2,000 baht fine, Chakri said.