Royal Motorcade Drives Through Protesters at Gov’t House

BANGKOK — A royal motorcade, backed by a phalanx of police officers, pushed into a group of protesters on Wednesday evening in front of Government House, igniting perhaps the most serious clash between police and protesters today so far.

The motorcade appeared to carry Queen Suthida and Prince Dipangkorn. Scores of police officers, arms locked with each other, shoved through a crowd of protesters, who flashed three-finger salute and shouted slogans in reply. 

His Majesty the King is scheduled to preside over a religious ceremony at the Grand Palace at about 5pm.

Protesters marched to Government House on Wednesday in a bid to call for the government’s resignation, a more democratic charter, and reforms of the high institution. 

Demonstrators continue their march toward Government House

LIVE Part 6: Demonstrators are renewing their push to march toward Government House. Yellow-clad individuals are lining up across Nakhon Sawan Road, possibly in a bid to block the protesters.

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Police start moving in at 30:15.