Singapore Anti-Gambling Ad Backfires With Germany's Football Success

German soccer fans celebrate watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 semi-final match between Brazil and Germany in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 08 July 2014. Germany won 7-1 at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil [DPA].

SINGAPORE (DPA) — An anti-gambling campaign in Singapore was given an unfortunate twist by Germany's spectacular 7-1 victory in the World Cup football semi-finals over hosts Brazil late Tuesday.

The television ad features a vulnerable-looking boy sitting on a football, over the caption "I hope Germany wins. My dad bet all my savings on them."

It was intended to discourage gambling, but internet wits have been quick to point out that it could have the opposite effect in the light of Germany's recent success.

"This boy and his dad must be happy like a bird now!" news and satire website SGAG posted, under a screenshot of the campaign picture.


"This ad has given hope to all gamblers," one user commented on SGAG's Facebook page.

"Always trust your father" and "daddy knows best" were among other the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Others posts on the Facebook thread showed a picture of a crying boy in Brazil's football colours, one with the caption "My dad bet my entire savings on Brazil."

Even politicians took a dig at the ad, launched by Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling ahead of the World Cup.


"Looks like the boy's father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank!" Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan Jin posted on Facebook.

Mayor of Singapore's North-East District, Teo Ser Luck, posted "At least the boy in the advertisement can get his savings back…"

The advertisement was shown as the first ad during the semi-final at half-time on local TV channel Okto, when Germany was leading Brazil 5-0.