CP Foods kicks off a mangrove forestation in Trat province

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has collaborated with local government agencies and community to kick off a mangrove forestation activity in Moo 2 of Thaprik subdistrict of Trat province as its latest area of the CPF Grow-Share-Protect Mangrove Forestation Project.

This activity was led by CP-CP Foods Chairman, Soopakij Chearavanont led CP Foods top executives and employees joined with Trat governor and Thaprik resident to grow multiple of mangrove trees and to release marine life into the mangrove areas. The company plans to expand mangrove planting covering 1,300 rai in the area to promote the marine’s biodiversity and food security in the area, driving local economy and, subsequently, improving quality of life for the communities surrounding the mangrove areas accordingly.

Pairoj Apiruknusit, Senior Executive Vice President of CP Foods, said that, The company will continue preserve, rehabilitate and regrow mangrove trees in Trat province to 1,300 rais to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and increase green areas for Thailand. As being the global food company , it is important to participate in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and 

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“The project will help to restore biodiversity of the mangrove forest. The community surrounding the area can be benefited from the abundant natural resource. This will prove that communities and forests can coexist in a sustainable way.” he said.

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CP Foods has continuously carried out CPF Grow-Share Protect Mangrove Forestation Project since 2014, helping to conserve and restore mangrove forests totaling 2,388 rai in the first phrase (2014-2018). The company continues to conserve, restore and plant mangrove forests in three areas in Thailand including Trat, Rayong and Samut Sakhon provinces with the expansion of 2,900 rai of mangrove forest by 2023. The project has resulted in the abundance of mangrove ecosystems that serve as the nurseries for marine lives, has brought back marine animals to the areas and thus has allowed the surrounding communities to utilize the restored natural resources.  

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Asides the reforestation project, CP Foods has improved the quality of life of residents surrounding the mangrove forest including Baan Thammachart Lang subdistrict in Trat province and and Pak Nam Prasae in Rayong province.


The Community Enterprises in Baan Thammachart Lang is outcome for the collaborative effort to support the community live together with the forest.  CP Foods has provided and transferred its knowledge and its network to help develop careers and local products from utilization from the forest such as eco-print cloths, nano fertilizer and community-run drinking water. These products have significantly boosted local economy.

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Meanwhile, Pak Nam Prasae in Rayong province has utilized local wisdom and products with the guidance of CP Foods to run the community tourism. This approach help create careers and extra income from the tourists for the community.