Why Pallet Wrapping is Important

Why Pallet Wrapping is Important

In the world of logistics and the shipping industry, pallet wrapping is now the industry standard when it comes to shipping pallets. Why has this become the case, and why is pallet wrapping so important when it comes to shipping, whether domestic or internationally? 

There are many advantages to wrapping your pallets before shipping them. But one of the most important reasons is the products that you’re shipping. Wrapping allows these products to arrive at their destination safely and without any tampering. This gives both you and your customer much-needed peace of mind, especially when your product is traveling long distances to reach your customers. 

In the past, pallet wrapping was a service that could only be offered by the biggest companies, mostly due to the large cost involved in the wrapping. These days, however, wrapping pallets has become so commonplace and widely adopted that the material costs involved have dropped significantly, making it affordable for even small companies to do pallet wrapping. 


Here are some of the common reasons to do pallet wrapping

Preventing Damage

Putting your product in a layer of plastic prevents it from succumbing to damage from the environment when it’s being transported. And because the plastic film comes in so many different varieties, you can choose an opaque plastic film that will protect your products from damage from UV (sunlight) or becoming wet from the rain. The plastic film acts as a resilient physical barrier and protects your products from all these environmental factors. 

The thin layer of plastic has the added benefit of preventing your products from damage that can happen in the hectic logistics environment. The plastic film will be able to protect your products from light scuffing that may occur, especially on a ship or a truck where pallets may be loaded in close proximity to one another. 

Another advantage of plastic wrapping is that during the shipping process, pallets are often moved around and sometimes violently depending on the road condition or the weather in the ocean. The plastic film will prevent any items from becoming loose and getting lost. This is especially true of pallets that are stacked high, the plastic film has the added benefit of keeping your pallet stable during the transportation journey. On top of that, the plastic film adds a level of puncture and tear resistance to your pallets. 


Discourages Theft

Another added advantage of wrapping your pallets is that it prevents theft. Thieves are opportunistic criminals and will usually pass on stealing an item if it requires more work. Given that having layers of plastic on your product will add more work for the thieves, it gives your products an added level of protection. 

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