“Brother” organized “NO OCEAN WASTE” or “THAI SEA FREE OF WASTE”

activity to promote environmental care, bringing employees to collect garbage at Bangsaen beach

“Brotherorganized “NO OCEAN WASTE” or “THAI SEA FREE OF WASTE activity to promote environmental care, bringing employees to collect garbage at Bangsaen beach

Chonburi, 17 June 23 – Brother, the leader in printer innovation in collaboration with Saen Suk Subdistrict Municipality organized NO OCEAN WASTE or “Thai Sea Free of Wasteactivity, reinforcing the corporate values inBrother Group Global Charter” to support the  “World Oceans Day” to achieve the  environmental vision of 2050. The ecological conservation activity was organized by bringing volunteer employees and their companions to collect garbage along lower Bangsaen beach, aiming to protect the environment and create nice and clean scenery.

Today’s event was held at the lower Bangsaen beach, Muang Saen Suk, Muang,  Chonburi province. The event received great support from the management team led by Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo, Managing Director of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., together with representatives of Saen Suk Subdistrict Municipality, as well as more than 60 volunteers and their companions. 

Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo, Managing Director, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said at the event that  “Brother’s mission is a commitment  to the society  and environment. Also, one of the core values in the ‘Brother Group Global Charter’ is aligned with the objective of ‘World Oceans Day to protect the environment.

As a part of our aim to achieve the 2050 environmental vision, we organized environmental protection activities. We have continuously reinforced the values in our offices and helped preserve the ecosystem, including the seas. We would like to protect the sea to maintain its abundance, so we continue to enjoy its beauty.  We have organized activities to raise awareness of environmental protection on World Oceans Day for 3 consecutive years.

This year we have organized activities under ‘No Ocean Waste’ or ‘Thai Sea Free of Waste’ theme. We coordinated with Saen Suk Municipality, Chonburi Province, to organize garbage collection activities along the lower Bangsaen beach to protect the environment, provide cleanliness and create good scenery for this major tourist attraction.”

Today’s activity began with Saen Suk municipal official welcomed a group of volunteers. He mentioned that it is important to preserve Bangsaen beach, one of Thailand’s well-known and beautiful beaches. Tourists from all over the world come to visit all year round. It is essential to maintain the cleanliness so that garbage does not accumulate and damage the environment and scenery.

The volunteers and their companions were divided into groups to collect garbage along the lower Bangsaen beach for more than 2 hours. After that, they participated in making plant pots from oyster shells activity by Khao Sam Muk Community Enterprise. People from the community taught the volunteers in every step. Once the plant pot is completed, the P-Touch label machine is used to type a message and attach it on the cement pot.

This event is completed with happiness for both employees who participated in the  environmental conservation activities and also created income for people in the community.

For the tourism of Bangsaen beach, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by the Office of the 2nd Commissioner (Chonburi) attended a meeting of the Public Beach Area Development Committee with Saen Suk Municipality to prepare for the opening of Bangsaen Beach Public Area as an orderly tourist attraction along with the conservation of natural resources and the environment.

At the meeting, important measures were proposed, such as foam-free zones, non-smoking beach, reducing and eliminating single-use plastics, sorting garbage before disposal and close the beach to the public on Monday to clear garbage. The meeting also proposed Bangsaen Beach to be a new model for the beach in accordance with World Oceans Day’s “Innovation for Ocean Sustainability”.

World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day was established at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCEN) or Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. More than 178  member countries gathered to disseminate knowledge and campaign to people around the world through various networks in many countries.

Activities are continuously organized in collaboration with organizations for people to protect and preserve the oceans. In 2008, the UN designated 8th June as World Oceans Day.  Officially started in 2009, countries around the world organized activities to protect and preserve the oceans.

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