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City Hall Instructed to Remove 11 CCTVs Before 1932 Plaque Taken

BANGKOK — City Hall officials Wednesday morning repeated claims they had no security camera footage to explain what happened to a historic marker which went missing earlier this month.

See Bangkok Before and After Street Food (Interactive)

Compare for yourself how Bangkok's streets look before and after the street food vendor ban with these interactive images. (Slide left and right).

Revolution Plaque: Latest Casualty of 1932 Revolution’s Endangered Legacy

The 1932 Revolutionary Plaque, recently removed and replaced with one bearing royalist messages, wasn’t the first historical object or structure from that period at risk.

Cabinet to Consider Third Salary Increase for Junta Officers

BANGKOK — A salary increase for officials serving the junta is to go before the interim cabinet Tuesday.

Authorities Respond to Questions About Missing Plaque With Arrests, Silence

BANGKOK — A transparency advocate was taken into military custody Tuesday when he arrived to file a complaint over the missing the 1932 Revolution plaque, as City Hall denies it has security camera footage of the incident and police say they won’t take action.

Police Complaints Filed Over Missing Revolution Marker

BANGKOK — Four people have filed complaint to the police on Sunday, urging them to investigate the disappearance of a historic plaque marking the 1932 democratic revolution.

Govt ‘No Comment’ on Lost Revolution Relic As Online Campaign Launched

BANGKOK — An online campaign was launched Saturday night to demand the government retrieve and arrest those responsible for removing 1932 Revolution Plaque, while the government spokesman declined to comment on its disappearance.

Thailand Death Sentences Increase, China Tops List, Report Says

BANGKOK — China topped the world list in 2016 for the highest number of state executions carried out, with the figures standing at more than 1,000 according to the latest report by Amnesty International.

Why Was the 1932 Revolution Plaque So Important?

BANGKOK — Historians and citizens alike were stunned to learn on Friday afternoon that a small plaque in the middle of a road in Bangkok had gone missing.

1932 Revolt Plaque Removal Greeted With Mixed Reactions

BANGKOK — Social media users on Friday reacted differently as they learned that one of the kingdom’s few historical relics of the 1932 Revolution – which marked the end of the country’s absolute monarchy – had been mysteriously removed with no one claiming responsibility.

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