Uttaradit Rabbit Delights in Durian

Reya eats a piece of durian in Uttaradit province.

UTTARADIT — One cottontail in the north of Thailand is energetically nibbling on unusual cuisine for a rabbit – durians.

It’s durian season, so Reya, 5, gets to have her favorite pungent dish every day. Jiraprapha Tonglem of Laplae district is indulging her rabbit.

“She started liking durian since she was 1. When I’m eating it, she cuddles my leg and asks to eat with me,” 33-year-old Jiraprapha said. “At first I was concerned if it would be okay for her, if she could get sick or die. But she kept asking, so I gave her some.”

Apart from rabbit food and grass, Reya also loves to eat durians – specifically of the Laplae variety.


Jiraprapha said there have been no adverse effects on Reya, who eats about two daily portions of durian when it’s in season. She digests fine and has gained some weight, Jiraprapha said.


“I’m raising her with love. Reya will not let anyone hug or hold her except for my husband and I,” she said.

According to Jiraprapha, Reya also asks to eat one piece of khao kaeb, a local Uttaradit snack consisting of a round cracker made from fermented rice flour, every morning.

Jiraprapha Tonglem, 33, holds Reya, 5.

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