‘Golden Mermaid’ Loses Tail to Bomb on Samila Beach

The Golden Mermaid Statue on Samila Beach in Songkhla province. Photo: Ahoerstemeier / Wikimedia Commons

SONGKHLA — A beach in the southern province of Songkhla has been closed to the public after a popular landmark was damaged by one of at least five pipe bombs planted in the area.

At around 10pm last night, police were alerted to two blasts near the Golden Mermaid Statue and Cat and Mouse sculpture on Samila Beach. No one was injured in any of the blasts, according to Lt. Gen. Ronnasilp Poosara, provincial police commander.

One of the bombs which exploded last night damaged the tail of the mermaid statue.

After another bomb exploded near the beach Thursday morning, bomb squad officers located two more improvised explosive devices in the same area.


The Golden Mermaid statue was created by sculptor Jitr Buabus in 1966 to commemorate a famous saga written by Sunthorn Phu, a poet to King Rama II. It is one of several statues and monuments along the beach.


Samila Beach has been temporarily closed since last night. Songkhla Gov. Weeranan Pengchan said security measures in the province, especially in the Hat Yai district, have been increased for the safety of residents and tourists.

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