Full Election Results to Be Released May 9: Commission

Election Commission deputy secretary general Nat Laoseesawakul speaks Monday at a press conference.

BANGKOK — The Election Commission said Monday afternoon the full official election result would be released in May, asking people to “wait a little longer.”

Election Commission deputy secretary general Nath Laoseesawakul said results would be released by May 9, while an “unofficial” vote count from 95 percent of the votes would be released at 4pm today.

Full vote counts, which are needed to determine the allocation of 150 other seats in the House of Representatives, will be available on Friday.

The commission also blamed the media for the inaccurate numbers broadcast Sunday night. Nath said the commission provides news agencies raw information, who are then responsible for making the figures public.


“I don’t know what happened with the reports of each television station. I want an explanation on how they calculated the numbers,” said Nath at a Monday press conference.

The commission said it would announce the winners in each of the 350 constituency seats today, but would not release the numbers and party-list MPs to prove it. Nath said the commission had to review complaints against candidates, which might affect the tally if someone is disqualified. Currently 110 complaints about parties were being reviewed by the commission.

“People have been waiting but I’d like to ask you to wait a little longer,” Nath said, citing that they need to be “careful” with their work.


A Khaosod English reporter asked the commission today why they failed to release 95 percent of the votes Sunday night as customary. Nath said the delay is due to the complex computation between constituency-based MPs and that of party-list MPs.

The commission’s secretary-general Charungvith Phumma said those who believe there’s any irregularity can file complaints to his agency.

Nath refused to answer a reporter’s question about an online petitioning to impeach the commission members.