Family wating for the body of ‘Kru Bam Bam’, victim of Itaewon crowd crush.

It costs 400,000 baht and takes 3-4 days to bring body of “Kru Bam Bam” (Teacher BamBam) back to Phetchabun province.

Family wished to bring back Kru Bam Bam’s body to Phetchabun province with the cost around 400,000 baht and it takes three to four days for arrangement. The woman just flew back to South Korea for taking language course in September before pass away from tragic “Itaewon” Halloween event.

On Oct 31, 2022, Parent of Miss Natthicha Makaew or “Kru Bam Bam” who died in tragic Itaewon Halloween event, recently said Thai Embassy in South Korea just contacted the family yesterday for assisting bringing back her body.

The process will take three to four days with the cost of 400.000 baht. The family will borrow this amount of money from relatives. The woman is only one daughter of the family. The family wants to arrange religious ceremony at Phetchabun province. Local authorities have step up to assist the family in the form of social allowances.



As well as to work with other agents relating to the rights the woman was entitled such as insurance protection, the Office of Insurance Commission Phetchabun province will take charge of claiming for insurance premium worth of 100,000 baht in accordance with insurance policy the woman had made with one insurer.

Kru Bam Bam previously earned a living by teaching Korean for those interested but had suspended due to Covid 19, later this September she just travelled back to South Korea for taking 6-month course of Korean at Sogang University before pass away from this tragic event.

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