Demand For Thai Dog Breed Soars Thanks To Botched Burglary

BANGKOK — Prices of the Thai Bang Kaew dogs have risen dramatically after news that a Bang Kaew guard dog helped deter a burglary attempt at the residence of a famous Thai actor.

The robber allegedly entered Chaiya Mitchai's estate in Wiset Chaicharn district, Ang Thong province, in the early morning of 29 April when the actor was away on a business trip. 

Mr. Chaiya said when he returned to his home, he found his male Bang Kaew dog— nicknamed Bai Tarn—waiting for him with bloodied wounds all over his body and jaws. 

Large splatters of blood were also found around Mr. Chaiya's courtyard, leading the police to believe that a burglar may have encountered the 5-year-old Bai Tarn in an attempt to break in. 


Mr. Chaiya said his other two Bang Kaews died of mysterious circumstances just a few days before the attempted burglary took place. He believes the burglar might have poisoned his dogs in preparation for the break-in. 

The actor also told reporters that Bai Tarn is now recovering from his wounds, but still appears to be traumatized by the experience.

"So I fed him a steak to cheer him up," Mr. Chaiya said.

The Bang Kaew breed is well-known among Thai homeowners for its aggressive nature toward strangers, but news of Bai Tarn's battle with the alleged burglar has spurred new demand for the breed, a number of dog breeders claim.

Prathum Kongcharoen, a Bang Kaew breeder in Pitsanulok province, said all of Bang Kaew puppies in his farm have been claimed by potential customers in recent days. 

A Bang Kaew puppy costs about 15,000 baht, he said, but the prices keep rising thanks to increasing demand at the moment.

The next litter of Bang Kaew puppies will not be available in the store until November, said Mr. Prathum, who has been selling Bang Kaews for nearly 30 years.

Due to their intelligence and territorial habit, Bang Kaews have always been immensely popular among rubber farm owners in the southern and eastern regions of Thailand, Mr. Prathum added.



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