'Crazed Foreigner' Attacks Pattaya McDonald's Store

An emergency responder holding the knife used by a foreign man who attempted to attack customers in  a McDonald's store in Pattaya, 12 Nov 2014.

CHONBURI — A foreign man has been arrested for attempting to attack customers with a knife at a McDonald's store in Pattaya early this morning.

The incident took place at around 3.30 am at a McDonald's in Central Pattaya, police say. 

Kandapon Pongsapakkaranatat, 34, said he was ordering food at the counter when a man charged into the store, wielding a knife and shouting incoherently at other customers.

Kandapon said he tried to talk the man into putting down his knife, but to no avail.


"He grabbed my neck and tried to hurt me," Kandapon said. "So I struggled and ran away, then I called the police."

Police officers had to wrestle the man down to disarm him. When they attempted to question the foreigner, whose nationality has not been confirmed, he initially pretended to be mute before mumbling unintelligibly.


A police officer at Mueang Pattaya Police Station said he believes the foreigner may be suffering from a mental breakdown. Police say they are investigating the incident. 

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