Tourist Bitten by a Python at Phuket Snake Show Receives Compensation

PHUKET — A Chinese tourist who was bitten by a giant python at a snake show in Phuket on Saturday has received compensation from the company that organized the show.

Jin Jing, 29, was bitten by a 2.5-meter long python at a medicinal herb shop  on Saturday morning in Muang district of Phuket which ran a free snake show. The woman reportedly bent down towards the snake as if she was trying to kiss the non-venomous creature and was bitten on the nose.

The incident was recorded in a video which has later went viral online.


The show was organized by a company called Phuket Biotechnology.



The snake caretaker Sarawuth Toompho, said no tourist has been bitten before at the performance which has been opened for nearly 2 years. Usually, tourists are not allowed to kiss snakes, Sarawuth said.

Kritiporn Phumkunchorn, the general manager of Phuket Biotechnology said the company sent the injured tourist to hospital and she is now in back to China. The company has paid for her medical costs, including treatment received in China, and given 120,000 baht compensation, Kritiporn said.

Kritiporn added that the Chinese tourist accepted that the accident was her fault since she was trying to kiss the snake without asking for permission from the snake handler.

Santi Pawhai, the director of Phuket Tourism and Sports, said the safety measure will be discussed on Jan. 14 in an attempt to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.






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