Grandmonster ‘Godzilla’ and Friends to Roar Outdoors at Silpakorn

‘Godzilla’ (1954), directed by Ishiro Honda, is the first film of Godzilla franchise. The monster symbolically represents the nuclear holocaust in Japan.

BANGKOK — Godzilla will wreck the world and WALL-E will survey its destruction while the Na’vi defend their’s from human greed – all under the stars in Bangkok’s historic quarter.

Instead of showing documentary snore-dom, the archeology students of Silpakorn University have dug deep to find mainstream films with eco-positive values for their annual outdoor film fest next month.

“Green Film” will feature a selection of six films relating to environmental issues to show Feb. 10 through Feb. 12 in a campus plaza next to the Peerasri Art Gallery Museum.


The fest kicks off with the story of a Maori girl’s unlikely quest to become tribal leader in “Whale Rider” (2002) and Studio Ghibli’s animated classic “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988), in which two sisters discover magical forest residents in rural Japan.

On Feb. 11, marvel at the humanity of the world’s most pitiful robot, “WALL-E,” (2008) as he tries to salvage the planet from a wasteland of garbage before jumping to Pandora, a planet under assault by greedy humans in “Avatar” (2009).

Feb. 12 opens with tourists in tsunami-devastated Thailand in disaster drama “The Impossible” (2004) and the original postnuclear monster film “Godzilla” (1954).

All films will show in their original languages with Thai subtitles, except Godzilla, which will have English subtitles.

Apart from the film screenings, each three days features lecturers who will discuss the intersection of the environment and media with topics such as eco-terrorism and oil in “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015). The talks run from 4pm to 6pm before the films and will held in Thai.

Admission is free. Silpakorn University is located on Na Phra Lan and Maharat roads, near Sanam Luang and the Grand Palace.


The films will be screened in the plaza between buildings No. 2 and 8





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