Shrewsbury’s World-Class of 2020 Impresses with University Offers (Advertorial)

463 University offers for Class of 2020
209 Top 100 ranked university offers, 43 Top 10 offers
US: 104 offers including 7 Ivy League, 2 Stanford
UK: 274 offers including 2 Cambridge, 1 Oxford, 181 Russell Group
Thailand: 45 offers, including 21 Medical Programmes
Rest of World: 40 offers in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia

The outstanding students of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, Riverside’s graduating Class of 2020 are celebrating over 460 offers from world-leading universities. This incredible achievement is spearheaded by over 40 offers from the world’s top 10 universities, including Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and University College London.

More than 80% of the offers come from the US and UK including 181 offers to prestigious Russell Group universities and seven to the prestigious ‘Ivy League’. Two further offers come from world-renowned Stanford University – famous for its selectivity, ties to Silicon Valley and recurring position at the head of the university world rankings.

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Once again, there are also several offers to smaller but highly selective liberal arts colleges in the US, including the number 1 ranked Williams College, where Year 13 Drama Scholar, Beam will join her sister, Dew (Class of 2016). Beam is delighted with what lies on the horizon in rural Massachusetts later this year.

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Beam will follow sister Dew (Class of 2016) to America’s number 1 ranked liberal arts college, Williams.

“I took the opportunity to visit several different colleges in the US, but was particularly impressed by the people I met and the vibe I experienced. My family and I are delighted, and I can’t wait to get started!” Beam says excitedly.


In addition to academic prowess and potential, admissions counsellors at leading universities also look for candidates with a broad range of interests and skills.  Thanks to the strong ‘beyond-curriculum’ offering at Shrewsbury, this is an area where students often stand out in their applications. This year, Team Shrewsbury members Vicky (Golf) and Patorn (Tennis), are two-such candidates, having earnt their places on NCAA Division 1 teams at Penn State and Cornell respectively; owing, in large part, to their sporting prowess.

Highlighting yet another strength at Shrewsbury, 23 medical programme offers have been awarded both in Thailand and abroad. One exemplary student, Earnie, will follow his brother Earth (Class of 2017, University of Cambridge) into medicine, thanks to his offer from Trinity College, Dublin. 

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Earnie has an offer from Trinity College, Dublin to study medicine, just like his brother Earth (Class of 2017, University of Cambridge).

“I have to thank [Shrewsbury’s] Higher Education Team; they helped me all the way, even though the uncertain periods. They were able to prepare me well for the online interview and keep me stress-free!” Earnie exclaimed.

The award-winning Higher Education Team is certainly a key factor in the school’s sustained university success. Set to grow with the addition of yet another full time advisor in August, no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding university courses that best matches the individual’s needs and ambitions; effort that is reflected in wide-ranging offers from no fewer than 160 different universities this year.

“We equip students with the information they need to choose GCSE combinations in Year 10 and A levels in year 12, but even before that, we encourage students to start focusing on subjects that interest them. These small details can be important when applying for specialised courses such as medicine”. She states.

Head boy Kazuki is one example of a student who has benefitted hugely from following his passion at an early age. Choosing Ivy League university, Princeton over offers from Stanford, Michigan and Toronto, was a decision based on his love for aerospace engineering, not university rankings. It will also mean Shrewsbury has graduates in all Ivy League universities since the school opened in 2003.

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Head Boy and Music Scholar, Kazuki has chosen Princeton over other offers from Stanford, Toronto and Michigan. Shrewsbury students have 7 Ivy League offers in 2020

“Shrewsbury helps you find your passion and harnesses it. That passion is then expressed in an application so that we come across earnestly. I am delighted with my choice, and I can’t wait to start at Princeton.” Kazuki said with a huge smile.

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Jo Fretwell: Director of Higher Education, and head of an award-winning team of university specialists.

“The work never stops.” Exclaims a proud Ms Fretwell. “We are so proud of the Class of 2020 and look forward to seeing where life takes them. We wish them every success. Now, our focus will turn to supporting our Class of 2021; we hope their achievements match those of this years’ graduating class.

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The dedicated Sixth Form centre will be relocated to a brand new space in 2021

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