‘GOT’ Superfans Fight For The Iron Throne at Trivia Night

“Brown Walkers” team members posting for the cameras on July 25.
“Brown Walkers” team members posting for the cameras on July 25.

BANGKOK — Six teams competed for the Iron Throne (of Game of Thrones Trivia, that is) on Thursday night.

Though the competition saw no brutal and devastating killings, trivia-heads endured 25 questions about the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” in a game-night hosted by the Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club at Aesop’s Greek restaurant.

Most of the questions covered the TV series, though some touched upon the original novel series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Questions ranged from basic such as the name of Arya’s sword (Needle) to more niche, such as the name of the Iron Bank’s representative (Tycho Nesters).

But only true superfans were able to answer questions that ventured outside the fictional saga and into behind-the-scenes trivia. One question asked about the body part that gave Kit Harington, the actor who played Jon Snow, severe pain during filming (his right testicle), while another asked for the book in the series with the most pages (“A Dance with Dragons”).


The winning team, who called themselves “Brown Walkers,” took home tickets for Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club shows, a 2,000 baht Chope voucher, and some GOT souvenirs.

Zeeshan, one of the team members boasted of being “big fan.” Answering 23 of the 25 questions correctly, he said the team didn’t even prepare for the trivia night.

“I happen to have watched the series twice and I haven’t read any of the books,” Zeeshan said. “For the book questions, we just made educated guesses. We tried to estimate how many words there are in a single page, and then how many pages there are in the books. It’s all about math.”

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