BANGKOK — One of the world’s most renowned multi-genre, multilingual music bands released their first Thai song on Saturday.

Portland-based Pink Martini released their Thai version of “Amado Mio,” sung by lead singer China Forbes, the band announced on Saturday. 


“In the spirit of the aspirational house band of the United Nations, we are thrilled to release a new version of our popular classic recording of “Amado Mio,” featuring our own China Forbes singing the song in Thai,” the band wrote on their Facebook page.

It added, “It’s our first foray into performing in that language. We are lucky enough that our Heinz Records team includes a member who is fluent in Thai (unsurprising since he used to star in a Thai soap opera).”


“Amado Mio” is a song from the 1946 noir Rita Hayworth film “Gilda,” sung by Anita Kert Ellis. Pink Martini’s English rendition released in 1997 is currently featured on the Netflix series “Money Heist.” The Thai version is a close translation of the English version.