BANGKOK — An indie cinema will hold a one-time screening of the 1999 sci-fi classic, “The Matrix,” this Saturday – your chance to relive Neo choosing between the red and blue pill, as well as lots of slow-motion bullet dodging.

Sure to please dads everywhere, the Bangkok Screening Room will screen “The Matrix” at 3:45pm Saturday to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary.

“It was a really revolutionary film for its time and it’s timeless, no matter how many times you watch it,” theater co-founder Sarinya Manamuti said. “It’s also a cult film. I hope that a lot of people who were too young to see it in theaters when it came out will get a chance to do so now.”

Tickets cost 300 baht for adults, 250 baht for students, and 200 baht for children under 12.


Not ready to unplug from sci-fi after the screening? Sarinya recommends coming back on Sunday for their 6:30pm screening of “The Iron Giant,” an animated film about a boy and beatnik who try to protect a metallic robot from the US government. Good for the whole family, it’s also a 20th anniversary celebration screening.


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