Bangkok City Model Exhibition Highlights in BKK EXPO 2024

Bangkok City Model Exhibition

BANGKOK  — The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is hosting the “BKK EXPO 2024: Bangkok Exhibition 2024” under the theme “Cities Can Change Because of You.” This event will be held at the Benjakitti Forest Park Museum from June 20 to June 23.

BMA spokesperson Ekwaranyu Amrapal announced that “BKK EXPO 2024” features five cities and six activity zones. The highlight is the “Bangkok City Model Exhibition” in the sixth zone, inspired by last year’s popular City Model display.

Bangkok City Model Exhibition

The exhibition has evolved into a comprehensive showcase, presenting Bangkok’s development history from the past to the present. The City Model aims to rival those in global metropolises like Singapore, Shanghai, New York, and London. The goal is to inspire youth and everyone to engage in urban planning and development, ultimately contributing to Bangkok’s improvement.

This year’s Bangkok City Model Exhibition introduces over 20 new building models across 20 districts. The two-story exhibit follows Universal Design principles, resembling city planning galleries in major cities worldwide.


Bangkok City Model Exhibition

The exhibition is divided into four main zones:

1. People, Challenges, Hopes: This zone features stories and voices of Bangkok residents through graphic walls, photo galleries, and videos, blending ambient sounds and interviews to create a mixed-media art experience.

2. From Policy to Action: Showcasing BMA’s policy implementations through three-screen motion slide videos.

3. Model Mapping: An interactive city model with lights and stories displayed through touchscreens, lighting the model up according to different narratives.

4. ACTION NOW! for Better BKK: A game zone where visitors, especially children, can play touch-screen games, simulating city problem-solving.

The exhibition ends with a six-minute Model Mapping video showcasing Bangkok’s story from past to present on a giant screen that integrates seven different periods, displaying the implementation of BMA policies for a better future.

This giant model is crucial in providing a broad understanding of urban development for the public, students, and researchers. It reflects the overall physical development of the city, illustrating the collective growth of the city and its people into the future. It stimulates indirect public engagement and participation in discussing and contributing to urban development.

Bangkok City Model Exhibition

The Bangkok City Model Exhibition runs from June 20 to 23 at the Benjakitti Forest Park Museum (MRT Queen Sirikit). It operates 18 sessions daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, each lasting 30 minutes, including Thai narration. Four sessions daily offer English narration at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. Admission is free.

To visit the exhibition, reservations can be made in one of two ways:


1. Online Booking (1,000 slots per day): Reserve via from June 14, 10:00 AM until June 19, 8:00 PM. Each person can reserve up to four slots. After registration, capture the confirmation screen and present it 5-10 minutes before the session.

2. On-site Booking (800 slots per day): Obtain a passport at the registration point and participate in activities to earn stamps, redeemable for entry to the city model exhibition.