Craving Durian Pad Thai? Baiyoke Has You Covered

Durian pad thai. Photo: Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Durian pad thai. Photo: Baiyoke Sky Hotel

BANGKOK — Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s annual durian buffet is back to satisfy cravings for the iconic, smelly fruit.

Available daily from April 16 through 30, the epic menu includes the usual suspects such as grilled durian, durian with sticky rice, durian jelly, durian crepe and, of course, durian bingsu.

More fascinating/alarming dishes including everyday Thai dishes made with durian, such as durian pad thai, tom yum durian and durian noodles. Other Thai fruit favorites like mango and rambutan will also be featured.

“Durian Fever Buffet” costs 490 baht per person. The price includes access to the hotel’s observation deck. The buffet is open 10.30am to 9pm everyday.