Now There’s Another Taco Delivery Option for Bangkokians

Suadero tacos (210 baht) and Braised Pork tacos (160 baht).

BANGKOK — Those continuing to stay inside to self-isolate to avoid protest traffic, save on BTS fares, or even just because, might enjoy a Mexican night in.

Delivery-only Taco del Diablo offers Tex-Mex and Mexican comfort food – although the prices of some of the items are more value for money than others.

The Jalapeno Poppers (3 for 160 baht) are feta-stuffed jalapenos coated with a spicy deep-fried crust – former exchange students or those hailing from the U.S. can finally get their fix. The Fresh Salsa and Chips (110 baht) are satisfyingly thick tortilla chips and come with a generous portion of Pico de Gallo salsa.

Fresh Salsa and Chips (110 baht) and Jalapeno Poppers (3 for 160 baht).

The tacos are palm-sized, soft-shelled, and come in sets of threes. Taco orders come with little pots of red and verde salsa and lime slices. Those who aren’t keen on spiciness may like the Braised Pork tacos (160 baht), where the slow-cooked pork, pickles, and Chipotle mayo is somehow reminiscent of moo daeng.

The Suadero tacos (210 baht) are the most familiar of the bunch we ate, but the brisket was a tad salty. The Fish tacos (160 baht) are filled with beer-battered white fish and a dressing of coleslaw, less memorable than the other tacos. 

Chorizo Gringa (130 baht).

The Chorizo Gringa (130 baht per one piece) are two tortillas sandwiching a chorizo and cheese filling – although the chorizo was tasty, it seems more worth it to get three tacos for 160 baht. 

Also comparatively expensive were the Corn Lollipops – although the chargrilled corn with chipotle sauce was a welcome addition to the Tex-Mex meal, three pieces of corn on skewers cost 160 baht. 

Taco del Diablo is open from noon until 8:30pm every day except Tuesday. Order via Facebook. See the full menu online here

This review is based on a hosted delivery and is not sponsored. 

Fish tacos (160 baht).