Kanchanaburi Unemployed Man Killed Himself And His Daughter

(23 May) Kanchanaburi police received reports from a man in Nongfai district that he found a dead girl in a house. Investigative officers and on call doctor at Laokwan hospital arrive at the scene to investigate.

The officers found a 2-year old girl dead in the house, with bubbles foaming came out from
her mouth and nose. The police estimated the girl had been dead for 10 hours before their arrival.

23 May, Kanchanaburi, Laokwan police station officials received reports from Mr.Amnuay, 30,
that he found a dead girl in a house in Nongfai district. Beside the body is a bottle of insecticide
and a hand written note saying “Sorry but it is needed to be done. Don’t want to become a burden”,
signed “Chumnarn”.

Later, police found the body of Mr.Chumnarn floating in a well behind the
house. Police suspected he drank the insecticide and jumped into the well.

Mr. Amnuay (no
surname given), the brother of Mr.Chumnarn, said that the little girl is Mr.Chamnarn’s daughter.
Mr.Chamnarn, he said, lost his job and was unable to find a new one. He often complained of
financial stress and that he did not want to become a burden to his family who are now supporting
him and his daughter.

Mr.Amnuay suggested he committed suicide due to this stress by making
his daughter drink the insecticide first, and then drinking it himself and jumping into the well.

His family suspects no fowl play and the bodies were taken to undergo religious rites.