Man Attempts To Climb Over South Korean Embassy Gate

June) A South Korean man tries to climb over the gate of South Korean Embassy in Bangkok in order to
air his grievance after his motorcycle and credit card were allegedly stolen.

When police
arrived, a man was sitting on top of the Embassy′s front gate and shouting incoherently. The man
apparently attempted to enter the Embassy, and some officials spent 15 minutes convincing the
individual to come down, while a crowd of staff and onlookers stood watching nearby.

The man
eventually climbed down from the gate and was escorted to the police station, accompanied by the
South Korean Embassy′s official. The individual identified himself as Mr. Yu Gee Won, and said he
had worked as a Tae Kwon Do teacher for 2 weeks in Thailand.


Mr. Won said the motorcycle he
had rented as stolen, and then his bag was later stolen along with his credit card. He said the
credit card has been used without his authorization, too.


Mr. Won told police he attempted
to seek help from the South Korean Embassy staff but was turned away, so he became angry and tried
to enter the building to protest the officials? refusal to help him.

Police say they are
investigating the matter.