200 Platinum Coronation Coins Sold For 1 Million Baht Each

Sample coronation commemorative coins.

BANGKOK Images of commemorative coins in six different metals to mark King Vajiralongkorn’s coronation were revealed on Wednesday. The platinum coins, the most expensive, are priced at one million baht each.

Amnuay Preemonwong, director general of the Treasury Department, said on Wednesday that 200 platinum coins have already been reserved. No more than 1,000 platinum coins are available for sale.

The commemorative coins come in a white metal alloy of copper and nickel, copper, two silvers with different finishes, gold and platinum. Due to high demand, they will continue to be available for advance purchase through the Treasury Department’s nationwide sales counters from April 4 to May 10, instead of until April 4 as originally announced. Purchasers can then fetch the coins on June 1, said the director general.

The six different coins are actually classified into two different sets. The gold, shiny silver and white metal coins classified as circulated commemorative coins are engraved with their par value (19,000 baht for gold but selling at 40,000 baht, 1,000 baht for silver but selling at 3,000 baht, and 20 baht for white metal also being sold at 20 baht).


The three other types are almost identical-looking commemorative coins but with no price engraving. They bear the image of His Majesty in formal attire on the front side and the coronation emblem on the back.


The cheapest non-circulatory commemorative coin, in brush-finished copper, is being offered at 3,000 baht. A brushed and darkened silver is being sold at 5,000 baht each. The Department expects to sell more than the 200 already-reserved one million baht platinum coins, said Amnuay.

The weight of the platinum coin wasn’t revealed, although the coin is measured at 60 millimeters in diameter. The gold coin, which comes with a par value of 19,000 baht, weighs 20 grams.  

The Treasury Department is also selling commemorative white metal coins attached with yellow-and-white striped ribbons at 1,600 baht each.

Platinum commemorative coin is selling at one million baht each.